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2023 Externship Programs

In 2023, the Yale Biotech Club will launch 3 externship programs with Allyx Therapeutics, Cellinfinity Bio, and Bexorg.  The YBC externship programs aim to provide students with short-term, fast-paced opportunities to gain valuable hands-on experience in different careers.



Allyx Therapeutics is a clinical stage start-up company spun out of Professor Strittmatter’s laboratory at Yale, aiming to develop disease modifying therapies for neurodegenerative diseases by treating the underlying cause of synapse loss and dysfunction.  Through workshops, literature reviews, and cross-team collaboration, students will learn how Allyx can expand into other neurodegenerative indications and landscapes of the CNS drug development industry.

Cellinfinity is a life-science start-up company spun out of Professor Sidi Chen’s laboratory at Yale.  Cellinfinity develops proprietary next-generation technologies that engineer potent immune cells, create diverse pools and select the most potential candidates, opening near-infinite possibilities of cell therapy.  Through this externship, students will learn about how large-scale data is analyzed for industry use and competitive landscape analysis.

Bexorg, Inc. is a start-up biotech company standing at the vanguard of innovative research in neuroscience.  The company is unwavering in its commitment to address enduring challenges in understanding brain functions and in developing effective therapies for brain disorders.  Through its proprietary closed-loop platform, Bexorg transforms entire brains into molecular and interventional sandboxes, enabling us to explore the brain in unprecedented ways.  This allows for a deeper understanding of complex brain functions and the development of new therapeutic approaches.  Through this externship, candidates will learn about Parkinson’s disease modeling, mechanical optimization, biomedical data analysis web application, and development of the analytical and processing platform based on Raman spectrum.

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Program Dates: October 16 – December 02
Time Commitment: Around 5-8 hours per week
Eligible Participants:
 Yale Graduate, Professional, Undergraduate Students, and Yale Postdocs

Applications close on Sunday, October 1. Selected applicants will be interviewed on a rolling basis. 

To learn more about this program, please attend our Zoom Info Session on Monday, September 18, 6:00PM-6:45PM. 

Meet the Planning Team

Please reach out if you have any questions!

1 (1) - Jialin Jin.jpg
Jialin Jin,
Program Co-Director
Headshot - Emmanuel Agyapong.jpg
Emmanuel Agyapong
Program Co-Director
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