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We are a team of experienced scientists and innovators, passionate about helping to solve significant human health challenges through biomedical research.

From our commitment to knowing and improving the human condition through science comes our name: Virscio (vir’sio)


The pace of biomedical progress is accelerating . . .
We are in a therapeutic development transformation enabled by expanding understanding of pathophysiology and the advent of tools to study and modulate disease biology in precise ways. These advances bring hope that the resulting therapies will provide clinicians and patients new and individualized treatments for unmet medical needs. After decades of research this promise is becoming reality, and these new therapeutic modalities are achieving clinical approval and significant impact on patients’ lives.

. . . but advances are outpacing the progress of preclinical model systems.
While there is reason for optimism, research and development efficiency - as measured by successful approval and launch of new therapeutic products - has been declining. A significant contributor has been the limited capacity of applied preclinical models to accurately predict human response. As commitments and investments in biologics, gene and cell therapies, and precision medicine approaches continue to expand, it is critical that the most clinically relevant test systems are employed to ensure programs are de-risked prior to undertaking the significant investment in human trials.

Our Mission
To accelerate therapeutic innovation and R&D efficiency by developing and providing advanced preclinical models, methods and technologies.

Our integrated preclinical research and development capabilities, multidisciplinary nonhuman primate translational focus and animal welfare commitments are unmatched anywhere in the world, empowering pursuit of our mission:

To reduce time, cost and risk
We accelerate the selection and development of candidate therapeutics to reduce the time and cost to clinical trial and risk of clinical failure and human harm.

To establish and apply the best models, tools and technologies to biomedical development
We improve the prediction of clinical outcomes by the humane and sustainable application of optimized nonhuman primate models and endpoints.

To innovate
We are committed to developing next generation technologies and services that drive gains in research and development productivity and reduction in animal use.

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